Swedish podiums, I’m running alone

First Fredrik Kessiakoff third on Milano-Torino (should be called MiTo and sponsored by Alfa Romeo) and as Italians can this thing with cycling and talking you can see the end on youtube:

And then Emil Lindgren that is in China racing to try out the maybe new World Cup event in Guiyang. A Sprint first that Martin Gujan and Eva Lechner won. Emil Lindgren second in mens race and Nathalie Schneitter third in womens race. Well done.

And in the end I have been out training today, not as slow as on tuesday but still don’t have the best motivation to go max and train hard. Not so good in training alone. CX at Storetveitmarka. First running some stairs but didn’t feel so good going around there so tried a walking path to run over some ”barriers”, drawn on the ground, but hard to turn around so ended up on the gravel football field and was riding, running and tried to be better to jump on my bike again. Can see it between km 8 and 9 on the map: TrainingPeaks then went around a small lake with nice pace and went home in the rain. Felt in my legs when I came home that I had been out riding so at least that is a good thing.

The other good thing is that it seems to be 3 races for me this autumn 😀

26 october: Tønsberg CX

1 december CX in Bryne

2 december CX in Bryne

The norwegian cycling federation or a group of people have come up with a norwegian CX Cup with 5 races. First is 13 and 14th october so too close but will try to race the others. Not so good info but will be fun racing and getting the CX interest a bit bigger in Norway. At the moment it’s really hard to find a good tubular CXtire for example but more stores shows interest in CX.



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