XC with my SuperX?

The local mtbclub was going out to Åsane and riding the XCcourse that was in Continental Cup earlier this year. I and John with his SuperX joined, but John didn’t feel so good after a crash so was heading home before we came out to Åsane.

I started the ride with going up Fjellveien and watching down on the beautiful Bergen to get some extra training time:


Found a new small road down that wasn’t made for cantilevers 😉 Out to Åsane with a easy pace. Then it started, the ”real” training a small singletrack first that I think I hit my rear rim on a metallwell in the ground but was okey. Then a little asphalt before the technical started. A small singletrack with to much high grass and then a small waterhole that I fixed but couldn’t go up the steep hill afterwards so had to get of. Then it was better, some roots, a little up and down and impressive how good I can ride on my CX in that ”wrong” terrain. Had some problems with a tight turn and some roots but great grip on climbs, on rocks and could enjoy it a little. 🙂 Also tested the tiregrip on a off camber dirtclimb, not so good when it is like 50° camber so hit the ground. The course was ending going down some steep stairs that I didn’t do, didn’t want to puncture.

So a easy first lap so everyone including guide. Then a old school picture by Lina, edited by Mikael:


And as we were at a school a nice schoolphoto by Thor:


on top: Jarl Andreas, me

on bottom: Thor, Mikael, Lina

in the front: SuperX vs. Stumpjumper

Then we should do a lap more but didn’t last so long for me, think I punctured in the beginning on the first singletrack so tried to get some pucnture spray in and some air while the others rode.

Then we went home a bit longer way first and ended with up Munkebotn before being back in Bergen. Me and Jarl Andreas up together but I pushed on some extra gears in the end and attacked, perfect place to put in an attack and good for the heart rate that went with a rocket to 189 😉

Thanks for the ride

Map & Graph: TrainingPeaks Åsane



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