4-5 handlebars, one for me

The hardest part on my bike? Which handlebar? My frame isn’t that short so I don’t want enormous reach, that’s why I can’t decide.

If I sort them in reach we first have Zipp SL Traditional handlebar with 87mm reach:


Nice bend but not sure with such a long reach. Second is the 7mm shorter and well tried Deda Newton Shallow. 80mm reach and a more shallow traditional bend:


Same as I have on my SuperX. Not all sure about the really tight bend but like the reach, 70g more than the Zipp. Like the flat section on both Zipp and Deda. The third is a 3T Ergonova Team, 77mm reach and really compact bend:


The thing that makes me think about the Ergonova is that the bottom isn’t all flat. Good and bad is the top, you don’t have to tape all top but you have to make the cables sit with some normal tape if you don’t, no cableguide. Fourth bar is a PRO Stealth Evo Compact bar, 70mm reach. Compact so almost the same shape as the Ergonova but couldn’t find a good picture with it:


Sad things is the weight (or maybe like the Deda combo but 80g heavier than Zipp and around 50g heavier than 3T) and then the bottom section then. The top is perfect with this bar combo with good cable guides.

So what do you say to this?

Or should I go big and by a Deda 35 bar and stem? It’s pretty light, it’s cool, it’s italian and got a cable guide under the bar so no need for bar tape on the big 35mm top. (measure your own bar including tape to see that 35mm in diameter is big)


One thought on “4-5 handlebars, one for me

  1. Jag har 3T ergosum team och är riktigt nöjd med det!
    sedan tycker jag inte om utseendet på de första två styrena, det ser konstigt ut i förhållande till styrstammen som om styret är fel monterat! (jag vet att det inte är det)


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