autumn at its best

Sometimes you can work overtime, sometimes not, sometimes you want and sometimes you doesn’t. Today I could work 2h extra but would have missed the awesome weather and the sun so I went for a ride instead. First to Storetveitmarken


Then around a small lake at Sletten before going back here a bit more. Then instead of going through Bergen city I went around up on Fjellveien. If you weren’t there today you missed something. Autumn at its best with a gorgeous view:


Even better in real. Hard climb with 39-25 but good training. And I think I got some speed out of my legs and bike before to, the SuperX is so fun to ride 😀 Map and Graph today: TrainingPeaks Autumn CX

1h training and when I came home I had got a book 🙂 Behind the Stare by Geoff Proctor and a little Sven Nys


2 thoughts on “autumn at its best


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