Autumn all mountain

What do you do when the weather is perfect, you’re free from work and no one wants to ride CX with you? You borrow a good friends mtb and ride until the legs stand straight out and the power lost on a rock.

Borrowed a Lapierre Zesty today, 150/140mm damping, triple crank, XT775 wheels with enormous Schwalbe Muddy Marry.

Met John and thought my tires were a joke, didn’t roll at all. So hard fight up to Krohnegården first and then two laps there. First was the best I think but it felt a bit slow. But nice bike when it’s rough terrain and just can pedal along. Then down to city again laughing at the non rolling bike. And then it began. Going up to Svartedike was slow but okey, then some nice gravel pretty flat before the climb up to Rundemann. First time up this year. granny ring in front and 3 easiest gears at the rear, what a fight. Had to walk when it was as steepest because my legs hated me. Took around 30min to get up, to 566m. Awesome and got a picture on me to show it to you:


Then John showed me a trail I’ve never seen before. Technical stonetrail that I never ever would ride with my Scalpel. But with the Zesty it just was to follow, lovely and so impressed to ride like that. And so fun to manage things you never thought you try before. Next singletrail I made a mistake and had to walk for some meters before I got back on the bike but nice to manage the rest. Second last singletrack I was a bit (read: a lot) tired so did some mistakes in the end but my favorite singletrack anyway.

The bike just sokes up everything and for me that isn’t so technical it’s awesome.

So the short review for the Zesty: Shitty tires, to high in the front to go uphill but awesome downhill, just to hold your hands on the bar and point your front wheel where you want to go and you’ll get there with a smile.

So after 2h37min without eating of drinking (con is no bottle cage mount) we stopped at Bastant for a coffee. Good stuff:


John’s Liteville with 650b dominated today. Then home and died in the sofa.

Crappiest today was that my right pedal died, up to Krohnegården I heard the bushings crack and then I had a play at 0,5-1cm but worked all ride. You got to rebuild Crank Brothers Candy sometimes 😉

Map and Graph for you: TrainingPeaks AM



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