Rocky Mountain Altitude

Can honestly say that a couple of months ago I didn’t understand what’s special about Rocky Mountain that a friend talked so much about. Then we got a Element 29er full suspension bike to work, felt shorter than the Scalpel even if it was supposed to be a large. And the Vertex 950 that was pretty nice speced and seemed good too.

Then yesterday my thoughts got a hit again. The XClover tried a Lapierre and started to dream about a bike with longer travel to get som nice flow on shitty (read: technical) singletracks that we have a lot of here. So which bike was the question? I thought about a Jekyll like I thought a bit of this spring too but didn’t do anything about it. And having a friend talking all days about Rocky Mountain I had to do some research.

Rocky Mountain Altitude, a trailbike with 150mm travel, 650b wheels and adjustments like an Android phone.


It doesn’t look that special compared to a Jekyll but it doesn’t look bad either. Well speced (except rims like on all bikes) and you can get it as you like. If you want it soft, more of a freeride bike you can have it. If you want it more like a XCbike you can have it. If you’re a heavy rider or light you can set it up for it (not talking damperpressure).

It got a special damper mounting for this called Ride 9 with 9 different mountingplaces for the rear damper:


And then you got three settings on each damper controlled on the fork or handlebar (for rear).

Take some time and you can get it working precisely as you wish.

Watch it live here:

And if you want to know more of their own speech they got a Altitude website: Rocky Mountain Altitude Bikes. And Pinkbike wrote an awesome review explaining it all and with a nice video in the end.

Will it be many of this next year on the trails you think?



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