training and am motivated

Thinking of this makes me want to be fast:



How it can look when winning the biggest CXrace in Norway. CX Tønsberg last year when Lars Petter Nordhaug won. I’m going racing this year but not in the same class. But will watch the elite. Will be my first CXrace this year (will do 2 more in december) and I don’t want to be last so need some training 😉 Found a new nice place to ride today, around Orrtuvatnet in Fyllingsdalen, Bergen. And also found another place I have to try some day.

Pretty good training but no running today. Thought of racing when I rode to work this morning to, didn’t take my time to pump the tires so rode with around 1bar. So soft, and so fast over the pavé at Øvregaten, like floating and you can just pedal as hard as you want 🙂 Soft tubulars and low pressure is king. That’s when you understand why you ride tubulars.

Map and graph of my training today: TrainingPeaks Fyllingsdalen


One thought on “training and am motivated

  1. Hah, jeg bor rett ved Ortuvannet. Har du syklet rundt Tennebekken? Grushimmelen 😉 Du klarer sikkert å holde 70-80 ned igjen den bratteste bakken der med cx sykkel. Et tips er om du sykler fra Spelhaugen(F.dalen) å ta opp til høyre der veien deler seg i tre over toppen av bakken, den veien er passelig steinete og morsom ned igjen.


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