almost killed by a Ridley and two norwegians

Was supposed to try my newly mounted Ridley Helium at a soft ride around Gullfjellet today with two friends. Rode a little to hard to the meeting place almost halv an hour away and then I had to adjust my bike a little. Started pretty moderate and was okey if I sat on a wheel. But a little before Arna they accelerated and I was lost, rode alone to Arne before catching them in a climb. Fast pace out through Garnes and I lost them on the flat again.

A little later I got passed by another guy and then one more, the last one I caught up Gullbotn and we talked a little on the way up. Or in the end as 34-23 wasn’t the best gear for me today with non existing legs. My friends waited on the top but rode a bit to fast, caught them on the downhill first but lost them in a turn. Caught them again a little and then chasing again.

Just hurting everywhere and the climb before going down to Os felt like a nightmare. But good pace so survived. Then down and then my friends rode away with no chance for me to follow so riding alone to Os before the coffeestop. Easy riding to Kaland for them, working for me. And then pretty slow to Nestun. Then alone home and I didn’t feel complete empty, just dead.

All ride in awesome autumn weather with gorgeus colours, views and not enormous amount of water on the road.

So what about the bike? I ddin’t think so much about it this morning fixing so sat way to far back and to far from the handlebar, measured now and 2cm longer than on my old Caad10. Will be fixed, maybe a shorter stem too, we’ll see. But the Super Record group worked perfect, missed Campagnolo. And the tires are huge, rode with pretty high pressure today (almost 6bar) so can’t judge them yet. Except that I think they are a bit to tight in the fork, when I got dirt and things from the road on the tire it touched.

Map and Graph of the ride here: TrainingPeaks last road ride 2012



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