CXtraining and the Look of the day

Starting with the Look. We got a Look 555 with 9-speed Shimano 105 and a boring black ISIScrank. Where the customer wanted Ultegra Di2 and a silver crank instead, with integrated cables. Fixed today so first frame I drill and put some Di2 inside. Pretty easy and got a nice result, fun work 🙂


Looks pretty good or what do you think?

Then after working with some more boring work too I got out and rode my SuperX. Got a nice comment from a customer about my rear wheel too 😉 Thought of going to Storetveitmarken as usual but wasn’t so motivated so rode up to Svartedike instead. Awesome with single chainring sometimes as you get good training when not be able to use lighter gearing. Can recommend in and ride hilly.

Thought going to the end of the road, back and then same again. But did it just one time. On the way out I passed a mountainbiker and felt good. Took it pretty easy down the end of the road as it was a lot of stones that my tires isn’t so good for. Stopped at the bottom and took a photo and got caught by the mountainbiker again just before taking this:


He went back before me but didn’t seem so fast so I past him on the stony climb up. Got a snakebite a bit before too but my good tires didn’t puncture. Love tubulars. Then back on the gravel road and took right up to Skansemyren. Nice climbing that is perfect for good training with 39t single ring. And Fjellveien back to Sandviken is like a dream in the autumn. Awesome.

Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks Svartedike


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