Snow and roadtires?

A little bit cold today but wanted to train a little before work so first time for winterpants and wintershoes. Was only -2° C so didn’t thought it was necessary for my new winterjacket so took my thinner Mavic Infinity H20 jacket instead. FFWDwheels on my SuperX. Awesome combo at just 6,37kg including lights and computer mount.

Was okey first but when I past Åsane I rode on a small road not used by so many cars, snowy but was pretty good riding with 27mm FMB tires. Then it got worse so didn’t dare to ride fast than around 15km/h and a bit icy. Coming out on carused road was nice later and could push on some more. But then at the coldest place it was -8° C (should have got my winter jacket and shoecovers). But beautiful and always nice to ride in the sun in the morning. Looked like this between Ytre and Indre Arna:



Around -5° there. Rode the small road after Indre Arna that was pretty okey with just some small parts with slushy snow but good grip. Coming out on the bigger road back to Bergen it was just like normal a little wet road so just pedal on. Wasn’t feeling so good today so was enough with a single 39T chainring too. Nice ride to work and best winterbike 😉

Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks Winter1


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