Liteville 650b at Fantoft

To ride my Scalpel is really light, responsive and you can go fast on easy trails. When borrowing a friends Lapierre Zesty it didn’t roll but on technical downhill it was awesome and swallowed everything I rode. Tode I rode the golden middle way. A Liteville 301 with a Fox Talas and 650b wheels like this:


Single Rotor Q-ring 33t and Sram Twister, the way to ride.

It’s not as responsive as my Scalpel but when you come in the forest and on some nice singletracks it’s just eating and your smile is beginning to rise. You have to be more active on the bike than on the Lapierre but that’s something that is mtb too, have to think and take good lines. The place we rode at today is a small place with some techincal trails and now in the autumn a lot of leaves over the mud. Not so good traction on the rear going down but no problems when you have 650b front that swallows things in the way so just point and steer. And on the uphill it’s awesome. Rode with 2,25″ Schwalbe RacingRalph as you can see on the picture and the grip was were it should be so just hit the pedal and ride 😀 Coming a bit wrong in a turn and you just change direction and continue, the bike doesn’t have anything to say, just do as you wish.

And some sunny pictures from today, last one by Mikael:

John and Mikael, Jarl Andreas was in the background but past a little too fast.


Lina and a lot of leaves on the ground.


And I found a chair relaxing when John going down in the background on his new Rocky Mountain 29er. (his Liteville I borrowed)

Perfect autumn weather in a beautiful Bergen that starting to get Londonish with smog 😦

Map and Graph with strange heart rate: TrainingPeaks Fantoft

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