Krohnegården and new Red Racing

IMAG0044 by cerrol
IMAG0044, a photo by cerrol on Flickr.

Idiot but motivated I got out before work today for riding. 5° C, raining and a little wind and darkness. Sunrise at 8.08 and I went from home 8.07.

Rode through a hectic city and up to Krohnegården. Was okey riding up there but then it started. Frozen ground first with water on top and some holes in the grass, just let the suspension work before going into the forest. Was to dark to use my Oakleys and without them I saw to bad to ride well. Tried a lap with some stops for putting on and of my glasses. Pretty okey riding except the darkness. Second lap was a bit lighter and skipped one section, much better but also a bit muddier. Impressed by the grip in Schwalbe RacingRalph 650b tire in rear.

After second lap I rode some small parts and some new small tracks before getting to cold and dreaming of getting to work. So down the hill, over a windy bridge and to work to take a shower before I started.

Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks Mud

Then at work we got some Cannondales, the best road model for 2013 was one of them. SuperSIX Evo Red Racing, but in black so wrong color if you ask me, right if you ask the man who’s getting it.

New crank, new expander (light enough), Classic bend bars, new Redgroup in Green and Vision low profile carbon wheels. Nice spec and great weight. Size is 48 and weight as seen on the picture is 6,06kg.


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