Testing the new stuff, Vincero Design

Blogged about it before https://cerrol.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/vincero-design-bottle-cage-video/ but not tested it myself. So when I got contacted by TeamKaza and got the question if we want a demo. Of course as we have cheap Zefal bottle cages, braking Zefal alu and carbon. High end we got Tune Wasserträger Uni that is awesome on mtb and good roads, but on pavé it can’t hold the bottles.

So a middle thing in price, as light as Tune and looks like this without bottle:

Makes it a good option. Even if you have two mounted it’s not sticking out that much. And you can’t break it when it’s on a mtb or if you crash. It’s just there.

But and there is a big but with this, how is it holding the bottle and how is the bottles working.

Magnet on the ”cage” and magnet on the bottle makes it sit very good. No problems or even thinking of problems on the pavé on my way home today. And after learning how to mount the bottle it works good too, takes like two mounts so easier than normal cages.

Will try it tomorrow on the distance ride too and then we’ll see what the boss at work says on monday. Anyone interested in buying them or anyone using it before?


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