Westcoast winterriding

2° Celsius when I left home this morning in new red pants that I got from a friend yesterday. Should be meeting Tom at Boa at 10 a clock but when I came there it was just some BCKcyclists. A couple of riders with roadbikes that didn’t seemed so smart as it was a bit icy on some places. Then came Tom and the BCKpeople rode one way and we rode another.

Rode on some new roads for me including passing Alvøen and then out to Sotra for a nice ride. A little under 0° Celsius on some places but good day for riding as it wasn’t so much wind, no rain and pretty same weather all the time. Small twisty roads as far west you can get in Norway was really nice. A good way to start a sunday on. After Ågotnes on the way back to the mainland we had this view:

Easy spin in 4h made it a week with over 10h training, 1h alone, 9,5h with nice people. Good life.

Map and Graph of the day here: TrainingPeaks Sotra

And soon Superprestige CX in Gieten, livestream as always here: Sports-Livez Will Sven Nys continue to dominate?

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