55g saved

The fun thing with saving weight isn’t just to change a part to another, the fun thing is to get tune the part you’re changing to save even more and get it to work better. Earlier I posted pictures on my new brake for my bmx: Aest brakes at 119g

My original Tektro MT50 (with ”cool” carbon) was 165g.

But the Aest brakeshoes was white and made for a wide mtbframe, not a tight BMXframe. So changed to the original brake shoes, 4g heavier. Than I changed the brake bosses on the frame that was a bit to high and in steel for the included alu ones. Thought the screw included with the Aestbrakes was a bit to short and thought of changing, felt that it was steel too and looking in my box I found a couple of Ti-screws instead, save 5g so brake tuned is 1g lighter and fit so much better:

Saved some on the brake bosses too so complete 55g of weight saving and looks pretty good mounted:

Will shorten the wire after I changed brakelever that I will do after I got my new handlebar (any day now). The crank got a little wrong blue colour but suits hubs and seatclamp.

So keep on tuning 🙂


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