Bergen winter, or was it english?

Now it’s winter here like I’ve been told it should be. Floodwarning yesterday and it was said it should come 110mm rain. Rained a lot. Today it shouldn’t rain at all att some hours, like when I thought of riding 4h. But waking up it was raining but had to ride and then forgetting my water bottle at home it wasn’t so funny.

A lot of wind but not so much rain in the beginning and it was okey. Was even a bit happy about it and thought I would ride more than 1 hour I first thought of when it was raining. Rode to Åsane and towards Salhus past Breistein. 3,1bars 40-11 and riding in 35-40km/h on the flat felt pretty good and even thought for a short while to ride over the Nordhordaland bridge but thought again as I knew I would with so much wind and 50/85mm high wheels. And then after 47min the water had come through my Rapha cycling cap and a couple of minutes later the water found the way in to my feet too. Rained a lot.

After an hour my gloves were full of cold water. So no photos from the ride today as it wasn’t so funny when the wind came wrong way, it rained that never stopped and legs that haven’t been riding on over a week.

Made it home not meeting one single cyclists and knowing that I won’t get a dog to walk outside in such weather. So now drying some clothes and changing some for a longer ride with some friends tomorrow 😀 Everything is about mood and motivation 🙂

Map and graph: TrainingPeaks WetSalhus

And rechargings for Superprestige CX from Diegem at 17.00 CET 😀


And is there anyone that is interesting in tuned Sram Red shifters, Sram Red+Sram Rival rear derailleur, Sram Rival front derailleur, a new Sram PG-1070 cassette and a new KMC X10SL chain? Thinking of a new groupset for my SuperX to the spring


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