Lightened disc brake adapter

Changed it yesterday but no time to blog about it. Found a new lighter adapter for my rear brake on Weightweenies that came yesterday. Last summer I used a Avid XX adapter:

Not the heaviest but nor the lightest. And when I got an old frame with ISmount I want to minimize the extra weight as far as possible. So the new adapter (same as front):

6 nice grams saved on such a small place. And you don’t see it if you don’t look close. The kind of weightsaving I like. So complete brakes at the moment at 485g including everything, happy. But anyone knows where to get these light carbon fibre clamps for Formula R1? Would be nice to save as much weight as possible when I started. And still waiting on some bolts for them, won’t change the weight, just add more blue. And have to change bore caps to my blue ones. Think I have got a solution as the tool seems impossible to get. Let’s hope 🙂

Or someone who knows where to get a pair of Time Atac XS 12 for a good price? Or Crank Brothers Eggbeater 4Ti or 11?

6 tankar på “Lightened disc brake adapter

  1. vad är det för klamma du menar?
    är det överfallet till klamman till bromshandtaget du menar så har dulight det!


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