milky way

Riding alone today and a bit shorter than yesterday. Thought of riding like today last sunday but to crappy weather then, better today with not so much rain. Just a lot of water in the air so like riding into water instead of water falling down on you. And today I stopped a couple of times to photo for you, here in the middle of an island going up:

Hard climb with 40-25 but better than yesterdays hardest. And I had to stop going down afterwards on the other side to show you this:

And you can see the weather too. Really nice road. Took wrong way a bit later but happy about that as I got shorter way home. And after 2h my legs/body didn’t feel good at all, hard time to ride long two days in a row when not used to it. But happy getting over 10h of training this week 🙂

Map and graph: TrainingPeaks Frekhaug

And some minutes ago Marianne Vos won the CX World Cup in Rome in front of Katie Compton. 😀 Men starts now at 15.00, watch here: Sports-Livez


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