New Garmin Edge 510 and 810

Sometimes I like riding with a computer to see how fast I ride, how long and so on. But sometimes it’s just stress too, want to make a little higher average speed, lower heart rate or what ever. Used a Timex GPS computer for a while now and it works okey and shows the things I want and can watch where I been riding on a map afterwards.

But like comparing a Nokia and hTC, both works but connection to the world a hTC or iPhone is so much better as Android and iOS are huge. on GPS Computers it’s a bit like that too. Timex works but Garmin is huge and is much easier working with and sharing, like with Strava or anything else instead of locked to the producers website like Timex.

And on top of this, Garmin coming with new models that made me want a Edge 510 more then a 500 😉 Watch the new ones here:

And credits to Eliflap who shared it first.

And the serious presentation by real cyclists:


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