A. Dugast Pipistrello Flying Doctor

If you never have used tubulars before you shouldn’t buy this. If you have had tubulars before, want to roll fast than others on your cx or maybe 29er you should buy them 😀

A. Dugast and FMB takes tires to a new level. Normal tires can be good but the feelings you get with a cotton casing, latex tube and handglued thread is over the top. It’s maybe not perfect straight or easy to mount (really hard) but when you used your muscles and got them on and missed to weight them, then you’re happy. So soft, so smooth and you really feel the extra features of cotton casing instead of hard rubber.

353g on R2-bike, 372-373g on my scale:

But lighter than my 34mm Grifo and a lot fast with this thread. Flying Doctor casing should be a bit better but don’t know the hands on difference. Anyone knows? Good prices on R2-bike on them now here: R2-bike Just norma Pipistrello Cotton left.

On tubulars I would rank tires like this: FMB, A. Dugast, Challenge, Veloflex, Vittoria, Schwalbe, Continental, Tufo talking top of the line. If you care about weight to the list is different and you shouldn’t look to much at FMB and A. Dugast 😉

Bike with tires on, needed some stretching I felt so not so easy as a Vittoria Evo Corsa tire is to mount 😉

Fast bike getting more and more ready for MTB Marathon 😉

1 tanke på “A. Dugast Pipistrello Flying Doctor

  1. Jag mailade Tamara:

    Hello Anders,

    Thank you for your e-mail. The difference is in the casing. The normal casings are made out of cotton. For the “flying doctor” casing there is an extra thread added to the cotton. This gives you a different feeling riding the tyres. With the normal tyres you might have the feeling that when you go in a corner with, the tyre slips off the rim. With a flying doctor casing you have less this feeling. So you can take the corners faster.

    It is hard to say if the flying doctor casing is better, because it also depends on the rider and what he prefers. Like Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel they prefer the flying doctor casing, but Marek Konwa and Sven Nys always ride the cotton casing.

    Kind regards,
    Tamara Willems

    A. Dugast BV

    Så mindre följsamt men bättre stabiltet. =)


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