Liteville 301, part 1

Here in Bergen mountainbike is up or down a mountain, or on top of the same. 7 mountains between 400 and 700m high with town almost at sea level. So a AM-bike is the best for everything. After trying a friends Liteville 301 last autumn I found what works, 130mm and 650b. So could I say no when he wanted to sell it? No, here it is at the moment a bit washed, tuned and regreased:



With a metallogo on the front like many frames. But normally when you take it away there is nothing underneath, not on Liteville. The etched a logo in the frame, really nice:



Then the important part, how heavy is it? 2620g I have read before and expected, happy with this:



Not as happy was with the seatpost that was included, a Syntace P6 carbon 34,9x480mm that was supposed to be a little over 240g, how did they measure?



And a seatclamp:



Will change the seatclamp for a 12g coloured Tune Schraubwürger and the seatpost will probably be a New Ultimate 31,6 with Extralite shim 😉

For now it’s a pretty long term project so no hurry and will end with a weight a bit over 10kg, or maybe under 😉 So follow the build as it goes on.

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