Norco 650b

Many brands coming with 650b all mountain bikes with around 150mm travel. Like Rocky Mountain Altitude and this Norco Sight carbon with 140mm:

Cool thing with this is that it talks about a XX1frame without front derailleur moutns, serious. Then the category I think is missing and dreaming of Cannondale to find. 120-130mm like the Norco Fluid alu with 120mm:

Think a Cannondale Trigger with 650b, 120/70mm travel rear and 130 in front. Just good speced because at the moment even the Trigger Carbon 2 makes me want to have a Trigger. But it says that it’s too tight for 650b so went with a Liteville 301.

But back to Norco. The go all the way and wants to beat Scott Scale 710 with a Norco Revolver, just shot them all down from the podium?

Sub 1000g hardtail frame. Seems pretty nice. More about them here: Bikerumor



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