5912g motivation a.k.a complete Ridley Helium

Missing two endcaps for the brake wires and will change the silver ones on gearwires for red. But except that it’s finished just like it should be. The plan was to build a classy bike with no special weightweenieparts. It didn’t went all perfect but I’m the one who I am 😉 So today my Engage Gavial brakes got their b-t-p brake shoes mounted:

IMAG0527 IMAG0525


182g for a pair of brakes instead of old Super Record at 286g. Will be even lighter when I’m changing brake pads from yellow Swiss Stop to Reynolds that seemed really good 🙂

The things on the bike that helps me prove I’m not just building light is my 256g Deda Newton shallow handlebar, that I changed to Rotor Q-Rings and have just a Chorus 12-25 cassette 😉



So now just waiting for my wound to heal so I can ride again, never wanted to ride a bike like now

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