Quality Time with new light parts

Is there anything better then eaten up your lunch at work and then you get a package from R2-bike including Haribo Goldbären for dessert? Perfect lunch time.

Got som Pop-Products and Reset Racing spacers that doesn’t make it so good on picture but the spacers from Pop-Products are slimmer than any other spacers 😉

To top it I got a Extralite Hypercap, of course in blue that is extremely light:



Scale changed between 2 and 3g for cap and screw 🙂 so spacers for my Evo and Liteville, top cap for the Liteville. Didn’t want to dissapoint my Scalpel so it is getting some new lighter grips. Extralite Hypergrips:



10g, and that include end caps 😉 Sick weight. Got 2 sets of rotorbolts for the Liteville too, blue Ashima 🙂 The funny thing is when I came home from work I had a package to collect at the postoffice. My waited parts from Kvalitetstid (Quality time in swedish). So for the Ashima bolts I got a second Ashima AiRotor 160mm:



And a seatpost that was a bit heavier than I thought but will be perfect, 31,6×400 so not the lightest dimension from Aerozine:



A 80mm Aerozine stem, is said to be with ti-bolts but thinks the bolts was pretty heavy so maybe some weight to save here on the already light stem:



Of course also a Aerozine handlebar, nice matching. 700mm straight bar:



Will be a great build this. Seems the wheels and seatclamp will be finished and ready for sending next week. And the fork I hope is already on its way 🙂

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