Ted King’s Cannondale Slice RS

Missed the time with 7 seconds yesterday with a seperated shoulder after stage 1 Ted King has been forced to leave Tour de France. Here is the bike he was supposed to use at the team time trial yesterday with some small tweaks:


Integrated brakes like all new proper TTbikes:

1045026_503935836341678_1911488283_n 1005088_503935846341677_1467477853_n

But without a cover on the rear brake.

The coolest thing on this bike is the handlebar. Instead of brakewires going a bit on the outside and in on the side of the top cap and gearwires doing the same. Brakewires are all integrated and gearwires going in straight on the top, I like:


More about it: Cycling Weekly

3 tankar på “Ted King’s Cannondale Slice RS

  1. Men han körde väl på sin linjecykel efetrsom han hade så ont efter vurpan? Ful men cool cykel hur som helst.


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