Tabergs finest

What a day. Nice singletracks, good food, ice cream, good friends and okey weather. Eskil showed me and Hampus the best around Taberg including the Tabergs top that is 346m or around there over the sea. A mountain sticking up as you can see here with Eskil and Hampus watching the view:



A Specialized 29er, a Trek 29er and Cannondale 26 fs:



Think I have to try a good 29er too, or just train more/better as I had a hard time keeping up. Lowered my pressure a bit so 20psi today which was much better than yesterday. Great tyres those Tufo XC4.

Rode up between the cows on a very steep field, almost made it. All three almost made it, had to get of the bike one time each. Hard climb but fun when you’re up and interesting when you are on the lowest gear, high heart rate and feeling that you can’t manage to get the pedals around you still can make it 🙂 Rode down a nice singletrack with many technical mistakes from me but great training and fun trail. On the bottom looking up it’s pretty steep:



Great ride, and here is the stats from the 2h: Movescount


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