IKHP for the win?

Started the day with a coffee with Jönköpings famous Anna who wasn’t feeling perfect so no cycling today. Instead of riding with her I drove up to IKHP and rode some old trails and lovely singletracks. When finding yourself smiling and thinking that why haven’t I ridden here before with Tufo XC4 and a Leftyfork? Rode the 10km trail first and then on some randoms nice singletracks. Something like the best of them and pausing in the skislope to give you a great view of the ride:

IMAG0688 IMAG0687

A bit further away starting the wrong way down I found some flowers and a view:


Huskvarna straight under and Jönköping more away from me at the lake Vättern 🙂 Did a short descend that I never even thought of before, pretty tricky but made it and got another smile. Did go down the hill and climb it up again, not so fast as I got the 35th best time on Strava and felt slower than before. But on the way up 😀

If you want to try to ride the same you got some stats and a maze (called map) here: Movescount

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