The Lite German Answer

This is the result of me trying to build a cheaper and not so weightweenie bike. I end up with a Liteville m301 from a friend. Taking my Sram XX1 group from my Cannondale Scalpel, buying a new crankset and an extra chainring. Formula R1 Racing from my Scalpel but with ”heavier” rotors from a friend at Kvalitetstid from Ashima. A Tune Komm-Vor that I had of course as I really love those seats. Matching Tune Schraubwürger from work. Tune QR as I had on my Scalpel that gets Aerozine instead. A Tune 650b Race 2.0 wheelset stansed with Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25″. Thought of a fork, e-mailed a contact and got the coolest fork on the market from Innolite, German:A Xcite (will get creds tomorrow). Great Aerozine finishing kit with 700mm handlebar, 80mm stem and seatpost. Seatpost with a Extralite shim. Small parts that I had and Extralite Hypercap from R2-bike.

Looks like this with my poor camera:



Straight gorgeous fork, german:A Xcite Boost 650b 120mm, Tune King, Formula R1 Racing, Ashima AiRotor




Extralite Hypercap, Reset Racing blue spacer, got to shorten the fork 10mm so I get rid of the top spacer. Aerozine stem and bar




The Tune Komm-Vor seat, Aerozine seatpost, Tune Schraubwürger seatclamp




Jagwire blue housing and hosing for gears and brakes, Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25 650b, Formula R1 Racing, Sram XX1






Sram XX1, GXP Q168 with a 34t chainring, Sram XX1 chain and Crank Brothers Candy 2Ti that I had on my BMX 😉




Black, Blue and White. And look at that fork, 36mm stanchions and the straight design makes it so cool. And even got a blue rebound knob. Clean handlebar with as little things as possible. Cannondale bartape as grips, a bit thicker than usual so 19g including Deda end caps.




Ending with the last part arriving, the german:A Xcite Boost fork, 650b 120mm with lock-out:



Handmade in Germany, thanks to Innolite for that 😀 And a bit fun is that the frame, fork, hubs, seatclamp and seat is made in Germany.  Tires from a german company. should be reliable or isn’t that what people say.

Weightwise then, failed with the non weightweenie build so the 120/130mm suspension 650b trailbike ended at around 9,96kg (not all sure on the brakes as there is too little fluid in them now). Looking forward to ride it, hopefully already tomorrow after work 😀

Big thanks to: John for frame and advice, Markus for Aerozine and Ashima parts, Leif Arne for brakes, bolts and advice, Ulf for fork, Sykkelsenteret for all Tune and Sram XX1 parts. 


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