Rocky in the Mountains


Blue sky today and great trails on Fløyen and the city mountains 🙂 Feels a bit slow with the 29er but it goes like a bulldozer over roots and stones even if I’m not so fast. No need for speed, just need to push the pedals and steer forward. Rode 2 special singletrack parts today. First was Sticks’n’Stones which is the part I hate the most in Bergen, or did. Now I have found out that every step forward gives me a smile worth fighting for it. Rode it the right way, if asking the bikeowner and while not having any speed the bike ate it pretty good.

Then up on Rundemann which is the highest top on that mountain, up on 557m so not all the way to the top but with a mission. A mission to ride the extremly rocky section that I only ridden once last year with a borrowed Lapierre with 150mm damping. Tried it today to really try this bike and how it is with sharp stones, it’s just a lot of sharp stones and no dirt ground to ride on for a bit. Don’t know if I developed or the bike just rolled over. Worked good and was fun, so much more fun to manage things on a mtb than on a road bike I think. And after the tricky rocky downhill, crossing a some water it was time to go up on the other side. Smaller rocks but as sharp as before and hard. Lost the grip once but manage to ride up the hole climb, so fun and hard but got another smile 😀

Down and maybe the nicest singletrack up on Fløyen before going back up to Brushytten and then down passing Munkebotn. And as you see the weather couldn’t be better. 1h26min and 798 meters climbed 😉 stats and map here: Movescount

(yes it’s the ocean you see on the picture and I’m almost 500m over it)


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