Tune’d Krohnegården

Have you heard the song of three Tune Konghubs shredding around in the forrest? Beautiful. Today after work rode me, John B and Leif at Krohnegården in different speeds. First a slower lap and some small tips about where to ride and so one. Then 2 laps at high speed where John and Leif disappeared in front of me. But I fought well, the bike worked well and managed a couple of parts I haven’t managed before. Personal Record with around a minute faster laptimes than on tuesday. 178 and 179 in average heart rate on those two fast laps says some 😉 But wasn’t over my limit so even when John and Leif rode a lot faster I’m happy.

Happy learning, happy managing and happy with my bike. Then one more fast lap where I sat on Leif’s wheel in the beginning feeling good but after first technical part I had to drop and felt pretty toasted and did some stupid mistakes. Stopped halfway and tried a new singletrack. Lead into a very rocky section and wasn’t rideable so had to turn around.

Finished the lap and rolled towards home. One scar on my hip richer from the first lap, was all red 😉 Hard training but great to not ride average pace but slow and fast. With great mtbikers. MTB is easier than roadbiking. Just have to think about getting forward, tackle obstacles and pedal on. No need to think about watt, heart rate while riding, following a wheel and so on. Just push hard and feel the smile grow on your face.

Stats and map if someone is interested: Movescount


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