New week, new forks?

The Fox Talas I earlier borrowed is from now on mine. And then I seemed to have won an auction on Ebay earlier too so seems like I got two forks. Fox Talas 100-140 as a spare and then this Magura TS8 R150 fork:

1675g or something like that. With a 15mm RS Maxle Lite ”QR”. That will be changed for a Carbon-Ti I guess, as they got light ones for a good price with nice colors. Like Tune DC15 but without QRlever so not as easy if you don’t got a 5mm allen key with you.

So upgrading for 1 1/8 steerer and 9mm QR to Tapered 1,5-1 1/8 and 15mm. See if I feel any difference.

The big question is which lower headset I should get. Need a low one from normal 1,5″=49mm to 40mm. Is there any lower then the 12mm Cane Creek 110?


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