The World Championship and GP Neerpelt

Today is the fourth time Sweden got a big chance to win a world championship this year. First was XCE that Alexandra Engen won. Second was Women XCO U23 with Jenny Rissveds that didn’t have the day we all wished for. Third was Women XCO Elite with Alexandra Engen that didn’t win this year either, smallest chance of the three I think.

But today the chance is big again. Women Elite road in Firenze with Emma Johansson. She’s leading the World Cup, she has beaten Marianne Vos and the rest of the starters. Will she do it again? GO EMMA!!! Starting a little after 14.00 today.

So how come Sweden doesn’t show more women cycling? Maybe not as fast riding as men but we got a lot bigger chance to win and we really got the top riders. 

But at the same time it’s a big CX race in Belgium, first with Sven Nys in Europe this season. Live stream starts 14.15 so guessing the race will start 14.30. Links here: Cyclingfans


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