Up and down a mountain

Free saturday with perfect autumn weather, perfect for some nice riding. Was aiming for a secret DH from Rundemann for first and last time 😉 Climbed and climbed from home up to over 540m over the sealevel up on Rundemann, snapped a couple of pictures:

IMG_20130928_110648 IMG_20130928_110620


Then it was time to go down again, 335 altitude meter singletrack, 2,3km looking awesome like this in the start:

IMG_20130928_111019 IMG_20130928_110945


Then the forrest came and it got steep and hard for me to ride:

IMG_20130928_111523 IMG_20130928_112145


Some rideable parts and some nice views thou:

IMG_20130928_111531 IMG_20130928_112155


But in the end if got a bit flatter and was absolutely perfect for riding for me and my bike. Nice singletrack in a green forrest. So fun I didn’t stop to take any pictures of me smiling and enjoying the ride. Down on the road at Svartediket and passing a guy pushing everything with 44-11. Was nicer to ride with 34-14 as I had when I passed him 😉

Boring to just ride back home so tried a climb for second time in my life. 2-300m long with 67 altitude meters, average 30,5% and last time I had a light Cannondale Flash with 26-32 gearing. My Liteville with 34-42 was hard but got up 😉 And then some asphalt, a small descend and some gravel back home. Stats and map here: Movescount

Home drinking and eating a little before changing bike for the SuperX and went out to Mestersykkel who had some Cyclocross day in the store. Was pretty empty but nice to have seen it and know what we are competing with 😉 Ended up talking Cannondale CX with another customer on the outside afterwards, my bike is awesome 🙂 Stats and map of that short ride: Movescount

Nice riding today, now looking forward for tomorrows little race. Can you race with a Liteville 301 proper or is it too much AM? We’ll see.


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