CK Henie for the win

Was invited to another club for an open club championship today. A short course of 1km with some beautiful singletrack, some hard climbs, some mud and a great little starting field.

Started second after Joakim but passed him and tried to hang on another guy, blew myself the first meters you could say and riding 8 laps felt like I was gonna die the first one isn’t that good. But kept it together, got passed by two and rode a very solid race. Great course too. picture of me ready to race:



And as I wasn’t sure about the Liteville as a racebike I can say it worked. Awesome bike. But what a fight. First lap at 3min44sec, then around 4.17. Got the standard and an average heart rate of 180 or 181 it’s great training.

Leif Erik Garvik won on his Flash 29 laying behind mine, he’s a fast guy with a high light bike. So like it should be: Cannondale+Sram XX1 for the win! 🙂

Afterwards we rode a lap on an island outside the course. Rode some nice singletrack with a lot of water and mud so got some different crashes and people riding all over the place 😉 Really funny.

For some good stats from the race (3 laps to warm up and learn the track): Strava

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