Not so much power today so saved by my 42t up Tarlebøveien, a long climb almost straight up, click on the name and you see. But didn’t go all the way up as I was heading for Hardbakkedalen. Watched a video from it yesterday and knew where to ride, rode wrong last time so also great motivation going uphill.

Down it went pretty good in the beginning but then I felt I need some rest, hard to concentrate and crashed 3 (!) times with the worst damage I scratched my fork and frame a little, nothing on me. So 1,3km and 154 altitude meters down to Svartediket again. Great ride (next time). And then back home again. Great morning ride in great autumn weather 🙂

Map and stats from it: Movescount

An updated picture on my bike:

150/130mm was great today. As usual it doesn’t look so steep on video but if you want to see the downhill I did there is a video of it here:


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