Scalpel 27,5 first ride



Borrowed a rear wheel from John, a Tune Race 2.0 front wheel from another friend so I could try 27,5″ on my Scalpel. Pacenti Quasimoto 2″ rear and Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2,25″ in front. Heavy rear wheel and light front. Looks awesome with this bigger wheels I think, tight racing look.

So how was it then?

Except that I forgot to check the air pressure before did it feel really good. Maybe to heavy gearing or too bad trained legs but except that it felt fast. Was around 1bar in the front tire so really soft but as I only rode on gravel and a short ride it worked but felt like the fork was on when it was locked and braking on the downhill felt a bit sketchy when the rim floats on the tire. Felt like the fork was diving when it was the tire 😉 Rode up Fløyen to Brushytten and down Munkebotn. Picture from a bit over Stoltzekleiven. Tomorrow I will try it more proper. Maybe see if it works great with a slimmer rear tire with lower knobs and more aggressive front tire too.

Map and some graphs from today: Movescount


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