Liteville gained some autumn weight

Normally I try to get my bikes lighter but my Liteville 301 got a bit heavier instead, strange. Mounted my Formula R1 Racing brakes on my Scalpel and the Liteville got a set of new lovely Sram X.0. And as the Formula 160mm rotors didn’t work I had to change the rear rotor too, changed for a 85g Ashima AiRotor. So brakes with all bolts, adapters, mounting, everything except rotors and rotorbolts. Clamp and adapter for rear, nothing needed for front:

IMG_20131104_235334 IMG_20131105_000243


All about optimizing. My Formula R1 Racing levers felt that they where a bit to far of from the handlebar with my short hands, Avid Elixir is tighter and feels like I will get better control. And for control. Sram Twisters are the fastest way to shift and perfect for fast XCriding. But for AM when you want to have be able to hold the bar with your hole hand it’s not that perfect. Mounting my 101g Twister on the Scalpel instead. My Liteville got a XX1 Trigger, only 3g difference as I have the mounting included in the brakelever. -4g for wire I had to cut of:



Will also mount my straight 3T bar on my Scalpel, will be nice with a bit wider bar on that. So meanwhile waiting for a light awesome handlebar I got a Cannondale C3 685mm riser cheap to use on my Liteville, not so light:



Then the biggest weight gaining that also needs some drilling in my frame is the new seatpost. A Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 34,9x420mm. Said from 535g on R2-bike but as I got the biggest diameter and longest it was a bit heavier, a lot:



Hopefully saving some weight when cutting the hose later today. More on that then and how the bike looks complete. 🙂 Think it will be great even when the weight got up to almost 10,9kg


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