Slip and slide

Great autumn weather today and no work. Perfect some bikeriding. But was alone so no huge ride in some odd place. Just rode up Fløyen and felt strange. high heart rate but felt pretty good. Tried Sticks’n’Stones but way to wet now so just sliding all over the place. Continued up to Rundemann (550m altitude up from my home). Pressed the button and dropped the seat before going into the rocky trail there. Felt a bit strange first but when the rocks got bigger it was great and just push the bike forward 🙂 The uphill afterwards went pretty until I stopped on a rock standing in the wrong place and fell to right, high heart rate and power and then just stop wheren’t the best.

IMG_20131109_121852 IMG_20131109_121903

Anyway afterwards I thought of trying a singletrack going down Blåmannen to Brushytten, like 100 altitude meters from the top. But the start was really bad, or I came the wrong way. Had to walk a bit and then I met some people and asked about the way. Seemed like I was right and then it was time for riding. Or trying to as it was big slippery rocks in the beginning and had to walk a bit more. Felt that my Mavic Fury got worse grip then my Racing Ralph to so fell on a slippery rock. It got better and great riding in the end, stopped at an easy part and took some pictures:

IMG_20131109_124259 IMG_20131109_124254 IMG_20131109_124248


Bergen 600m down, Snow on Ulriken (also rode/walked in some snow) and me in yellow. A bit wet too as you see 😉 Bergen style. Enjoyed the last part a lot and the bike worked great. Passing Brushytten and went down a little more before the singletrack over to Fløyen Rock Garden, really slippery and bad power in my legs. But the downhill with dropped post was great, just to push on. Rode into Fløyen Rock Garden with confidence as I knew the grip of my tires, I knew than it should be easier with lower saddle and knew where to ride. More slippery then usual and almost crashed in beginning but kept me upright and tried to get some speed to beat my record. Felt fast and the bike worked under, in front of and behind me, awesome just letting go. Down to Skomakardiket with a smile and just let the bike go. Rode Stand and Deliver and tried to cross the small flood with just getting my rear wheel stuck in it. Ok time.

Down and my fork started to sink, not so nice riding with >72° head angle going downhill so rode to Sykkelsenteret and checked it. Seems like it lost some air and that’s the reason. Will send it for service next week.

But the sad thing coming down is that I only got 3rd time on Fløyen Rock Garden, been riding those 200m 7 seconds faster with almost 2km/h more speed earlier this autumn. Have to beat that time 😉

Map and stats from today with some odd altitude as usual. Will fix my watch later today. Movescount


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