Sunday ride on a hill

Riding with Fløyen MTB today, or started with them and headed up Totland. Kristian showed some new small singletracks on the way to the climb. In the climb me and Kristian was riding first at an okey speed, not so high or slow. But up at Fanahytten we couldn’t see anyone. Waited a little, turned back down the last part and checked but didn’t see any so we continued alone. Fana IL training instead 😉 Tried a singletrack climb first but very muddy and wet everywhere so held us to the gravel roads mostly. Rode over the hill, over another hill on the other side of Bontveitroad and then put in a speed record for the day. 64km/h downhill on a gravel road, with 36t chainring and 26/27,5″ wheels. Rode back up to Fanahytten and down on the other side headed towards home again. Rode a small climb and down kubakken (cowhill) that I’ve never ridden the hole before as I usual turns left in the middle riding Rett Vest that way. And then back home again with some small singletracks Kristian knew on the way. Had a Race King 2,2″ tire on the rear today and in the wet grass it was extremely slippy, recommend Racing Ralph over it if you want any grip. Left Kristian at Landås and rode home following Fjellveien. Wrong way today with a lot of people walking all over the road and no thoughts of cyclists. Stopped in the beginning to take a picture of my bike of the day:



My old Cannondale F1000SL sold to John and changed a lot. 26″ rear wheel and 27,5″ front wheel, 36t single chainring with XTR rear derailleur and shifter. Avid Elixir brakes. Truvativ Noir T30 700mm wide handlebar and Shimano pedals. Last time I used Shimano SPD pedals was many years ago and think it will be many years until next time too, hard to get in and didn’t feel good in any way. But worked for a day. My thoughts of the bike was that I was missing my Scalpel, Lefty and 27,5″ on both wheels 😉

Map and stats from today, with proper altitude data 🙂 Movescount

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