Friends can make something boring to a happy end

Started the day to prepare for riding my bike at 10 a clock today. 9.35 it was raining a lot and came some lightnings, the electricity disappeared for a second to. Changed our plans and met John at 11 instead. 11 a clock with the blue sky coming and both me and John feeling really slow after a long week. Riding uphill with 130/150mm travel (John 150/150) with slack angles and bad legs isn’t the funniest. If I had been alone I wouldn’t enjoy it and when coming up to Fløyen and riding Sticks’n’Stones with soft ground and really slippery roots it usually feels shit and just want to change sport to Bowling instead. Fell once but John had to fight the trail more. Both survived 😉 Continued up to Rundemann in slow to moderate pace and over the top with foggy air so no great view as we usually got at 560m altitude. So down the gravel first and onto Hardbakkedalen singletrack. Wet and I failed a bit seeing John disappear. Back fighting and when you just hold on to your handlebar and letting the bike work over stones, holes, rocks, roots and soft ground you know why you’re rode all the way up. We found Enduro and love it.

Over the gravel and onto a pretty fast singletrack that first goes almost flat until it’s steep in the end. Last time it almost was dry and my bike flew like a dream. Today it was wet. But I didn’t care so passed John and pedaled as hard as I could. Didn’t always had grip in the mud but didn’t care and just rode. The smile grow on my face. So high going down some stairs in the end I almost forgot to sink my seat.

Back over the gravel and onto a steep track that was really slippery today. Was full brakes, lean as far back as possible and hoping to not slide into a tree. Thought for a second if my front wheel was locked or if it rolled, steep and muddy. Managed the steep part but passing a root I had to put a foot down. If there is anything that can scare me it’s wet roots.

Down back to Bergen city and home again after that. Great ride and first ride after my fork was on service. Awesome performance now and can really recommend a Magura TS8 😀

Going uphill it’s always talk about gearing, someone complaining, someone have to go hard and so on. John complained that he couldn’t go easier (granny ring is not for use) and I smiled with my 42t 😀 For those of you that doesn’t want a OneUp 42t ring for your 11-36 cassette there is another alternative now. Customizing is coming closer to us riders/customers. Absolute Black has come with a 40t that looks pretty good:



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