What can I say, misjudged the weather, tempo and my bike today. Gathered at Boa this morning at 10 with like 30 others. Three different groups and we where the last. Stian had a problem with his crank that after some check was a broken frame. But he got to borrow a bike so could ride anyway.

When I rode from home it seemed okey but it was raining more than I thought and I missed better clothes. Thought of joining the others for a couple of hours at least but Odd and Ole made me spinn to much on my hardest gear 36×12 and the rain made my hands really cold. So left them earlier than planned and just got an hour of training with cold hands. Have to get a 38t chainring I think for my XX1 crank. But nice with some many riding today even when it’s really boring weather with 6° and rain, lots of it.

Recharging for a mtbride tomorrow instead. With better clothes. Maybe I should try 36t on my Liteville instead of 34t.

If someone is interested in my ride today you can see it here: Movescount


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