Winter sunshine ride

Last week riding with Fløyen MTB it was muddy and wet, today it was winter big time. Came a little snow last night, minus degrees, and the sun shined on us. I was early as usual so rode up to Fjellveien and that way to the meeting place instead of just through the city with cars. Pretty beautiful morning:

IMG_20140112_095401 IMG_20140112_095432

4 people that met up today. Ole Anders, me, Eirik and Justin. Decided to get up Fløyen but through Isdalen and up Rundemann. Already then I knew it would be hard with a 36t even with XX1 back up that climb. And it was, managed more than I thought but had to walk the last part before waiting for the others:

IMG_20140112_105238 IMG_20140112_105249

Then the last part was riding some. Managed the steep part you can see on this picture above. And then walking some. But great view with the ocean on one side and mountains on the other:

IMG_20140112_111050 IMG_20140112_111056

Up on the top we talked a little about where to go and I thought it would be hard going down too. But the road was pretty good, or my Racing Ralph worked for a bit 😉 Stopped at a turn so Eirik could fill up with water and both me and him did a 2 wheel slide 😉 A bit slippery. Down to Fløyen and rode a nice little singletrack I never ridden before. Missed it first so had to turn back. There I knew why I rode my Liteville. Ate the trail like I eat ice cream 😉 Super fun. Ended the singletrack with a rear puncture for Eirik with a big scar made him put in a tube and just roll back home as it was a hole in the sidewall. Ole Anders got a smaller puncture at the same place and tried to pump it up, rode Stand and Deliver and then it was little again so rode home.

Stand and Deliver was pretty nice with a thin layer of snow on top of the hard ground. Me and Justin decided to take Sticks’n’Stones to from about before heading. Super grippy and would have been nice if I haven’t missed a turn and had to stop to get back on the right line. Rode the 2 small singletrack parts down from Fløyen after we watched the beautiful view over Bergen.

Great winter riding 😀 But impossible to wash my bike when I came home, the dirt had frozen so had to wait with that 🙂

The ride today: Movescount


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