Tour Mediterreneen stage 3b with Tobias Ludvigsson

We got this great tips from our boss today. Watch Tour Mediterranean live on the way through France to Barcelona. Of course as I knew Tobias Ludvigsson was racing and a prologue like he can win. Also saw the Swedish Champ Gustav Larsson at the start


And Tobias at the same place


Tobias is a kind guy so let me go with them in the teamcar. So here from the start which was a pretty long climb


Impressive to ride 39km/h uphill sitting on a time trial bike. Then a tight downhill where he really impressed on me. Not just the power but he can descend really fast


And a short flat section in the middle. Beautiful landscape


Turned right and up a new climb where he caught the rider in front of him. On the second descend and second left turn he rode a little to fast and went of the road a bit. Stayed on his wheels but punctured. Thought he punctured both wheels so they changed from his Giant Trinity to his Propel road bike. Was much harder and you saw that he wasn’t happy at all. But put in a huge effort and did a great race in the end too. Passed to guys on time trialbikes with his road bike and not so high rims, fast Propel.

Was second when he passed the finish line after BMCs Stephen Cummings. Cummings won the stage and when everyone finished Tobias ended 6th. 6th with a bike change on a 18,2km course is impressive. All results from today here: cyclingnews 6th overall too

After that we met Vegard Breen in Girona and now staying at a great hotel here in Barcelona with a view like this:



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