Omega Pharma-Quick Step got the donkey



Belkin rode so hard in the wind so the peloton blew into pieces. Omega Pharma-Quick Step joined and they took over the race. Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne got so much better than I thought. Don’t like bunchsprints and all gathered at the end. Today with small groups and hard riding was much more fun to watch.

5 riders from Omega Pharma-Quickstep in top 9, 3 riders from Belkin. One from Topsport-Vlaanderen. Tom Boonen won the sprint and got the donkey on the picture here above.

1. Tom Boonen – Omega Pharma-Quick Step

2. Moreno Hofland – Belkin

3. Sep Vanmercke – Belkin

4. Yves Lampaert – Topsport-Vlaanderen

5. Stijn Vanderbergh – Omega Pharma-Quick Step


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