Cannondale Scalpel 2014 cerrol edition

Finally. After a misshappening with stansing the front tire that got fixed this morning I went out for the first ride with my rebuild bike. In great weather: IMG_20140315_104405

Frame Cannondale Scalpel medium
Seatclamp Tune Schraubwürger
Fork Lefty Speed Carbon XLR
Headset Cannondale Si
Stem Cannondale Si 90mm-5°
Handlebar 3T Exsero Team Stealth 700mm
Grips Deda bartape
Seat Tune Komm-Vor
Seatpost AX-Lightness Europa
Rear Derailleur Sram XX1
Shifters Sram XX1 Twister
Brakes Formula R1 racing (Innolite rotors)
Crankset Cannondale Hollowgram SL (EP spindle, Carbon-Ti 34t chainring)
Cassette Sram XX1
Chain Sram XX1
QR Tune DC17
Wheels Project321/Bor 650/CX-ray
Stans FRM stans
Tires Pacenti Quasi-Moto 27,5×2″
Wire/housing Shimano Yumeya
Pedals Crank Brothers Eggbeater 4Ti
Bottle Cage Tune Wasserträger Uni

Totalt weight of 8,51kg at the moment IMG_20140315_104419 IMG_20140315_104434 IMG_20140315_104449 IMG_20140315_104457


Tried to find some nice trails close by too, this picture is from less than 10min cycling from my home. Found myself and a small lake:

IMG_20140315_111056 IMG_20140315_111036


And a bit more north I found one of the many dead ends today:



Found a super trail more north. Some forrest roads but mostly super singletrack. Was smiling a lot going there except the many muddy places. Spring mud now where it has been really wet and starting to dry out. Thick mud that was really hard to get through with my low thread Quasi-Moto tires.

The bike was awesome and begging for more speed all the time. Sad for it as I didn’t have so much power in my legs today and after 80min it was less so just wanted to get back home again. Took a shortcut with some more asphalt on the way back to Tønsberg. Almost home I met two other riders, one of them was Joachim I rode with on wednesday. Small city. Joined them for a turn up and down too before I went home.

Great test ride and I think my Scalpel will like Tønsberg a lot 🙂 The ride today: Movescount


One thought on “Cannondale Scalpel 2014 cerrol edition

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