Trek winterride

Borrowed a testbike from work (Veloshop) yesterday, a Trek Fuel EX 7 29er. Set it up for me and found some proper clothes. Went to sleep and woke up (no alarm) ready to ride. Watched out and everything was white, snow on the ground and snow in the air. Try to fall asleep again but to motivated and snow is much better than rain so went up.

Changed for warmer more waterproof clothes, mounted a Assaver on the saddle and went out.

So how is a 29er with 30 gears, 120mm of travel and Fox dampers and 2,3″ tires compared to a 26er with 11 gears, 100mm of travel, Lefty/DT dampers and 27,5″ wheels with 2,0″ tires?

It’s like comparing clementines with oranges, almost the same but so different. First the Trek had an alu frame, cheap wheels, Shimano SLX/Deore so a lot more weight.

An Orange is bigger, rolls better but it takes time to eat and is all the work worth it? A clementine is smaller, easier to eat but you don’t get so much.

The Trek was big, rolled through mud like a dream, loved it compared to my Scalpel getting stuck in it. But it needed a lot of power to move it and not so easy on tight trails like this:

IMG_20140319_081525 IMG_20140319_081538


The bike ate most things easy but prefered to go fast than tight tricky with slippery roots. Nice to be able to just ride over small things until you loose the bike and having problem to save it. Now I should say this too that the bike is a size to big for me, should have 17,5″ instead of 18,5″ I think.

But it looks pretty cool with a Flatforce and a awesome Tune Komm-Vor saddle, doesn’t it?



And 2 tips if you buying a bike with tripple crank, change it for a double. And after complaining on Fox huge remote for their CTD fork and rear damper I thought that it’s maybe a good thing after today, used the system a lot but without remote 😉

The ride today: Movescount



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