The start with my Trek

Last time I rode a bike with road tires in proper cycling clothes was my CX at 6,3kg. 400g lighter bike today with the same wheels but what a difference 😀

A soft ride with my boss and his friend after work today was a nice start to try position and look so everything works perfect.

Everything wasn’t perfect but almost, have to fix my saddle position a bit and the handlebar isn’t perfectly straight. Interesting that I’m bad in putting the stem straight but really sensitive about it. Gears worked perfect but my light msc pulleys isn’t the best so they will be changed back to Campagnolo Super Record some time, made some sounds sometimes. Front brake was a bit to tight, and rear a bit the the right.

So first uphill where I put some pressure on the pedals I felt it, the bike is stiff and Clavicula is both light and super 😀 Handlebar height and position really nice so I thought right with heights and length of the stem 😀

Will be interesting to see in the longterm if the bike is fast or just the first feeling, first roadbike ride of the year where you always likes to push some and feel like it flies 😉

First impression compared to other road bikes I’ve ridden is that there is a good thing with really sloped frames like this. I’m sitting on 70,5cm, am 174cm long and the frame is 40cm c-c (50cm Trek measured a bit up). When going downhill and you want to be more aero, it’s perfect to go down on the top tube and just slide back to the seatmast, not as much pressure on the arms like on my last SuperSIX Evo for example that was 10cm higher. So could go down as far as my chest (or heart rate belt) was touching the topcap 😉

Rode up to Åsgårdstrand and then back along the coast. Nice landscape with small flat roads, big difference to Bergen. And a sunny picture:


Didn’t find my Suunto watch so no stats today, just that it was an easy ride as Hans Petter haven’t ridden a bike for a long time. Found my watch now so tomorrow it will be a new ride with stats 😉



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