Here comes the sun

The plan was 4h today with a friend and some other guys. He got busy so changed the plans. New to this place and many roads to find so takes some time. Rode from Veloshop to Stokke and then a small really nice road down to Sandefjord. With a pretty steep climb that I didn’t think existed here 😉 But not so long. Missed to take some photos on that road.

Then through Sandefjord and planned to follow road 305 to Andebu or somewhere around there. First it wasn’t allowed to ride on that road in the beginning so had to turn back a bit and on to a cycling path not leading the same place. Turned right and headed to road 305. Met 4 children riding there bikes back home or something, one little girl had a yellow Mavic Plasma helmet, really cool 😀

Missed the 305 so ended north and followed the old E18 up on cycling paths. Like this:


Nice sun too so felt even warmer than yesterday 🙂


When I got to Sem I had thoughts of going back to Tønsberg but a straight flat open road with headwind didn’t feel so funny so continued north to Barkåker and then back down to Tønsberg in the forrest.

Stats of today showing that I’m not so fast: Movescount

Thought of the aero advantage too on the way home from Barkåker. Theoretically my bike should be much more aero than my last bike. Aerobrakes, aeroshaped KammTail tubes, less spacers on the fork so would be better in headwind than my old bikes 😉 Will try it next week with proper wheels 😀

Can also add that my beautiful THM Carbones Clavicula crankset seems to work on Trek’s tight BBstandard too. Impressed that a <450g crankset (including everything) can be so stiff. Think I’m sold 🙂



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