Sram Rise XX wheelset and Rock Shox RS-1 fork

Sram got a new 29er wheelset. Carbon fibre tubular rims at 325g and their new hubs with the option so use their new 27mm Predictive Steering axle:

And then the biggest news from the Sram group. Rock Shox RS-1 inverted fork is now released:

Only for 29″ at the moment

80/100/120mm damping

New Accelerator damper



Predictive Steering axle.

So to explain it easy it’s a Lefty with two legs and without needle bearings. Cost over 300€ more and is over 400g heavier. I don’t really understand. It also needs a new special hub with the 27mm Predictive Steering axle to stiffen things up. Much more choices for Lefty 😉 Here is a video about it:

And more info: Bikeradar


4 thoughts on “Sram Rise XX wheelset and Rock Shox RS-1 fork

  1. 400grams lighter? Thought Cannondale only had one fork with more than 100mm travel for 29er? The supermax 130mm wich wheighs in at 1830grams without the steerer

  2. Do you know? Lets say its the weight for 80mm, then its still not 400grams heavier than the lefty wich weighs in at aprox 1330grams for both the 90 and 100mm lefty without the steerer(carbon steerer aprox +90grams)


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