WC XCO Pietermaritzburg, France vs Switzerland

Normally Julie Bresset wins the womens race for France and Nino Schurter wins the mens race for Switzerland but not this year.

Jolanda Neff went fast in the start as usual but this year she changed. Instead of slowing down and dropping places she learnt of Schurter and just stayed in first position the hole race 😉 Funniest result of the women today must have been Annika Langvad showing that she are back on the top again 😀


1. Jolanda Neff – LIV Pro Team

2. Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå – Merida Multivan Biking Team

3. Maja Wloszczowska – LIV Pro Team

4. Annika Langvad – ?

5. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

In the mens race Schurter tried to be normal and putting a high pace from the start so Absalon that isn’t as fast starter getting problems. Today Fumic joined and after some time Absalon joined them too. Fumic dropped some seconds so all French-Swiss fight again.


In the fifth lap Schurter put some pressure on Absalon as usual on a downhill but flatted. Absalon did as he done before and passed as fast as he could and rode fast and secure to win. Schurter showed how good a tubular tire is and riding pretty good the 3km to the tech zone, lost some time and effort so ended 6th.

1. Julien Absalon – BMC Racing Team

2. Manuel Fumic – Cannondale Factory Racing

3. Maxime Marotte – BH-Suntour

4. Ondrej Cink – Merida Multivan Biking Team

5. Jose Antonio Hermida Ramos – Merida Multivan Biking Team

So Switzerland won the womens race and France won the mens race 🙂 Love to see Absalon win


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